Find the best TV settings

We want to make it easier for you to find the best tv settings for your individual viewing habits and to encourage you to try out different tv settings, so that you can compare what you like best. Therefore we collect the best TV settings from different well known sources.

The newest tv Settings

Sony A1 OLED
Sony X900E
Sony X900F
Sony XE93
Sony Z9D
Sony X940E
Sony XE850E
Sony Z9F


Philips POS9002 OLED

Samsung QLED Q7F
Samsung MU8000
Samsung MU7000
Samsung Q8C
Samsung Q9FN

Simple Settings

You are looking for the perfect picture? It is not so easy to find the best TV settings for a UHD TV, as it depends on many different factors. With this website, we want to enable TV owners to pick out their best TV settings from a compilation of best TV settings by experts from all over the world.

How do I find the perfect settings for my TV model?

Normally, you find settings for 4K Ultra High Definition TVs in magazines, online magazines, as user tips in forums or on YouTube. The different settings differ a lot! Some are good for films or watching TV, others for gaming. There are different settings for 4K or 1080p contents. How to stay on top of things? We considered it far too complicated! Until now, there was no possibility to find and evaluate all relevant settings for the respective TV model in one place. That’s what we want to change with this website. Here you can find various tips for the setting of the latest and most common TV models.

What does the perfect setting depend on?

The right TV setting depends on numerous factors. First of all, on the individual viewing situation. In which environment the TV is placed? Is the room bright or dark? What kind of content do I consume via TV? In which quality? Only the best as 4K UHD Blu-ray or also HD material? All these questions have an impact on which TV settings are the most adequate for you.

The personal viewing habits

The personal viewing habits also play a key role while searching for the perfect picture. Do I prefer strong colors, high brightness or the perfect black? Depending on the TV model, the personal viewing habits should be considered when you adjust your TV settings. Only then, the visual experience is perfect for you.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your TV model

In the meantime, different TV models with different techniques are established in the market. On the one hand, LED TVs with and without FALD, on the other hand OLED TVs with light emitting pixels. Each of these TV techniques needs an individual setting, because only then, the different techniques can match the personal viewing habits and the settings can match the strengths and weaknesses of the respective technique.

LED without FALD produces much brightness, which entails problems with the representation of black. LED with FALD also produces much brightness, with less problems with the representation of black, but in return, dirty screen effects and blooming can occur. OLED produces a perfect black, but the brightness can cause trouble. Individual TV settings can balance out the pros and cons of every TV technique.

Try and error

On your way to the perfect picture, you must dare to change the settings, to test and to try out. Our advice is to try several settings with the same image material, so you can compare the results and decide which image you like best.

Happy Setting 🙂