TV Settings Philips OLED 807

Find here the best TV Settings for the Philips OLED 807 from different well known sources. The Philips OLED 807 is Philips´s new 2022 OLED Modell in the upper class segment. The TV is available in 48, 55, 65, and 77-inch. The new Philips P5 processor with AI enables an image that looks impressive. A deep learning AI algorithm helps processes images similar to the human brain. LED lights on all four sides of the TV called Ambilight illuminate and change color in perfect sync with the colors on screen or your music and create an immersive movie experience like no other TV.

Different Model Names and Screen Size:

Screen Size US Model Name different Name
48″ 48OLED807/12 48OLED807/12
55″ 55OLED807/12 55OLED807/12
65″ 65OLED807/12 65OLED807/12
77″ 77OLED807/12 77OLED807/12

Best TV Settings Philips OLED 807

Source: flatpanelshd
environment: SDR (HDR)
Screensize: 65″

Profile: Expert 1
Color: 50
OLED contrast: 54
Sharpness: 0
Black level: 50
Color enhancement: Off
Color gamut: Normal
Color temp: Custom
Red WP: 125
Green WP: 114
Blue WP: 78
Red BL: 0
Green BL: 0
Blue BL: 0
Light Boost: Off
Perfect Natural Reality: Off
HDR Perfect: Off
Perfect contrast: Off
Video Contrast: 100
Light sensor: On / Off
Gamma: 0
Eye Care: Off
Dark detail optimization: Off
Color temperature optimization: Off
Ultra resolution: Off
Noise reduction: Off
MPEG artefact reduction: Off
Motion style: Off / Pure Cinema
Perfect Natural Motion: Off
Perfect Clear Motion: Off

Source: audiovision
environment: SDR (HDR)
Screensize: 55″

Profile: Filmmaker
OLED contrast: 65
Light Boost: Maximum
Color temp: Warm
Black level: 45
Motion style: uniformly (own preference)
Sharpness: 2
Color: 55
Gama: 0
Noise reduction: Off