Projektor Settings JVC RS1000 (NX5)

Find here the best Projektor Settings JVC RS1000 (NX5) from different well known sources. The JVC RS1000 (NX5) is JVCs new 2019 nativ 4K Projector. The Projektor is JVCs entry 4K Modell and has memory function and an optical iris. Big innovation is the first adaptiv HDR technology that helps to produce a breathtaking HDR picture without a lot of picture adjustments.

Best Settings JVC RS1000 (NX5)

Source: audiovision
environment: HDR & SDR

Color Space: BT.709
Color temperature: 6500k (R: -5 /G: -20 / B: 0)
Contrast: 0
Brightness: 0
Gamma: 2.2
Color: 0
Tint: 0

Picture Modus: HDR10
Color temperature: D65
Dark Level: +2
Color Space: BT2020
Brightness Adjustment: 8
Bright Level: -3