Projektor Settings LG Presto (HU80KSW)

Find here the best Projector Settings LG Presto (HU80KSW) from different well known sources. The LG Presto (HU80KSW) is LGs 20219 4K Projector. The Projektor is a 4K shift Modell and offers a great picture quality. Because the projector uses Laser light to produce the image it can run more than 20.000h on one lamp. The projector can be used as a short throw projector by adjust the mirror on top of the projector oder it can be used the normal way. Both will end in a beautiful picture.

Best Settings Projektor Settings

Source: audiovision
environment: SDR

Picture Mode: Cinema
Contrast: 82
Sharpness: 12
Color Tone: 0
Dynamic Contrast: Middle
Gamma: 2.2
Brightness: 50
Color: 50
Color Temperature: Warm
Super Resolution: Normal
TruMotion: Clear