Projektor Settings Sony VPL-VW295ES (VW270ES)

Find here the best Projektor Settings Sony VPL-VW295ES (VW270ES) from different well known sources. The VPL-VW295ES (VW270ES) is Sonys new 2019 4K Projector. The native 4k Projektor is Sonys entry 4K Modell and has no lens memory function or an optical iris. Both could be found in the more expensive Models. Nevertheless the VPL-VW295ES offers a stunning picture quality.

Best Settings Sony VPL-VW295ES (VW270ES)

Source: digitalfernsehen
environment: HDR & SDR

Modus: Custom
Realism: On (resolution: 20 / noise reduction: Min)
Lamp Mode: own preference
Contrast enhancer: off or low
Motionflow: Schwach glätten
Contrast: Max (HDR: 65)
Brightness: 50
Color Tone: 50
Color temperature: D65
Sharpness: 50
NR: off
MPEG NR: off
Smooth gradation: low
Gamma correction: off
Color correction: off
Pure white: off
Color Space: BT.709 or Farbraum 2 (HDR: BT.2020)
Screen: Aspect ratio normal (1.85:1 or 2:35:1 Zoom for Cinemascope Movies)