TV Settings LG G2 OLED evo

Find here the best TV Settings for the LG G2 OLED evo (LG OLED G2) from different well known sources. The LG G2 OLED is LG´s new 2022 OLED Modell in the famous Gallery Design which hangs completely flush on the wall and looks super minimalist and modern. The TV is available in 55, 65, 77, 83 and 97-inch. The 4K OLED evo TV offers Brightness Booster Max for perfect black, rich colors and even more brilliance. The TV comes with a new α9 Prozessor Gen5 with AI Sound Pro, AI Picture Pro and AI Brightness Control and some more great features. The TV offers also HDMI 2.1, Nvidia G-Sync™, AMD FreeSync™ and HGiG support, VRR and ALLM for a perfect gaming experience.

Different Model Names and Screen Size:

Screen Size US Model Name different Name

Best TV Settings LG G2 OLED evo

Source: flatpanelshd
environment: SDR (HDR)
Screensize: 65″

Picture mode: ISF
Energy Saving: Off
Aspect ratio: Original
Just scan: On
OLED Light: 60 (higher in brightly lit room)
Adjust Contrast: 85
Black level: 50
Auto Dynamic Contrast: Off
Peak brightness: Off
Gamma: 2.2
Video range: Auto
Motion Eye Care: Off
Color: 50
Tint: 0
Color gamut: Auto
Color temp: Warm 50
MPEG Noise reduction: Off
Sharpness: O
Super resolution: Off
Noise reduction: Off
Smooth Gradation: Low/Off
TruMotion: Off / Cinema Smooth
OLED Motion Pro: Off

Source: rtings
environment: SDR
Screen Size: 65″

Picture Mode: Expert (Dark space, nigh)
OLED Pixel Brightness: 49
Adjust Contrast: 85
Black Level: 50
Auto Dynamic Contras: Off
Peak Brightness: High
Gamma (Adjust Brightness): 2.2
Super Resolution: disabled
Noise Reduction: disabled
Smooth Gradation: disabled
Sharpness: 0
Color Depth: 50
Tint: 0
Color Gamut: Auto Detect

Source: HDTV
environment: SDR
Screen Size: 65″

Picture Mode: Cinema, Filmmaker, Game or PC
OLED Pixel Brightness: own preferences
Adjust Contrast: 85 – 100
Black Level: 50
Auto Dynamic Contras: Off
Dynamic Tone Mapping: On (only in HDR, HGiG with Games)
Peak Brightness: High or own preferences
Gamma (Adjust Brightness): 2.2
Video range: Auto
Color: 50
Tint: 0
Color gamut: Auto
Color temp: Warm 45
Sharpness: 10-15
Super resolution: low or middle
Noise reduction: Off or low
MPEG Noise reduction: Off
Smooth Gradation: Off or low
Real Cinema: On (24p)
Trumotion: Off, cinematic movement or Natural
Motion Pro: Off
AI Picture: own preferences
AI Brightness: own preferences
AI Tone: own preferences
Pic Format: 16:9 or Original, Just Scan: On
Energy Saving: Off

Source: audiovision
environment: SDR
Screen Size: 55″

Picture Mode: Cinema
OLED Pixel Brightness: 80
Color Depth: 53
Adjust Contrast: 90
Color temp: Warm 50
Sharpness: 10
Smooth Gradation: Low
True Motion: Natural
Gamma: 2.2
Noise Reduction: low