TV Settings Sony X95K Mini LED TV

Find here the best TV Settings for the  Sony X95K Mini LED TV from different well known sources. The Sony X95K is Sonys first 2022 mini LED 4k TV and one of the best TV´s Sony offers this year in the Mini LED segment. The TV is available in 55, 65 and 85-inch. The TV comes with the brand new Mini LED technology, the well known XR Backlight Master Drive for perfect contrast, black levels and highlights, a Cognitive Processor XR™ and the Acoustic Multi-Audio™ system for an excellent sound experience. Put together this tv is one of the most accurate TVs on the market.

Different Model Names and Screen Size:

Screen Size US Model Name different Name UK and EU Model Name
55″ XR-65X95K 65X95K XR65X95KAEP
65″ XR-75X95K 75X95K XR75X95KAEP
85″ XR-85X95K 85X95K XR85X95KAEP

Best TV Settings Sony X95K Mini LED TV

environment: SDR (HDR)
Screensize: 65″

Profile: Custom
Auto Picture Mode: Off
Light sensor: On / Off

Brightness: 6 (for 120 nits) Higher for bright rooms
Contrast: 90
Gamma: -2
Black level: 50
Black adjust: Off
Adv contrast enhancer: Off
Auto local dimming: Medium
Peak luminance: Off

Color: 50
Color balance: 0
Color temperature: Expert 1
Live Color: Off

Adv color temp
R gain: Max
G gain: -5
B gain: -4
R bias: 3
G bias: -2
B bias: -1

Sharpness: 50
Reality creation: Off
Random noise reduction: Low / Off
Digital noise reduction: Off
Smooth gradation: Low / Off

MotionFlow: Off / Custom
Smoothness: 1 / Min
Clearness: Min

Video Signal:
HDR Mode: Auto
HDMI video range: Auto
Color Space: Auto

Source: rtings
environment: SDR (HDR)
Screensize: 65″

Picture Mode: Custom
Auto Picture Mode: Off
Ambient Light Sensor: Off

Brightness: 4 (Max)
Contrast: 90
Gamma: 0

Black Level: 50
Black adjust: Off
Adv. Contrast Enhancer: Off
Auto local dimming: High
Peak Luminance: High
Color: 50
Hue: 0
Color Temperature: Expert 1
Live Color: Off

Sharpness: 50
Reality Creation: Off
Random Noise Reduction: Off
Digital Noise Reduction: Off
Smooth gradation: Off

Motionflow: Off / Custom
Cine Motion: Off